Pathophysiology is a medical discipline dealing with the causes (etiology) and mechanisms (pathogenesis) of diseases and functioning of the body during the disease (i.e. compensations and adaptations to altered organ or tissue functions that are commonly responsible for clinical manifestation of the disease and are thus diagnostically relevant). With exception of acute infections, traumas and some other illnesses caused mostly by external factors, disease is a typically ling-term process taking the asymptomatic course for some time and only under certain circumstances becoming clinically apparent (symptomatic). We aim to facilitate the student’s understanding of WHY and HOW the changes brought about by diseases happen. Our objective is to present the disease etiopathogenesis form initial molecular and genetic alterations, through cellular, tissue and organ changes to event. systemic process. We especially focus on:

- understanding of the basic pathophysiology concepts,

- applying analogies (similarities and differences between e.g. consequences of hypoxia or chronic inflammation or abnormal cell proliferation in various locations),

- a synthesis of existing knowledge from other disciplines (namely physiology, immunology, biochemistry etc.),

- appreciation of the effect of inter-individual variability and of chronobiology (i.e. rhythmicity),

- elucidation of molecular mechanisms un case they serve as diagnostic parameters, therapeutic targets or prognostic biomarkers,

- epidemiologic aspect, i.e. on the most prevalent disease and acute states,

- pathophysiology of emergent life-threatening situations.

Pathophysiology represents a crossing point in medical curriculum integrating a bulk of theoretical and preclinical knowledge and bridging it with clinical disciplines. Irrespective of mostly deductive nature of everyday clinical reasoning, inductive approach used in pathophysiology is a cornerstone of medical knowledge essential for mastering the art of medical thinking in a form of differential diagnostics. Despite the theoretical nature of pathophysiology, we aspire to contribute to building a paradigm of „evidence-based medicine“ together with the concept of „precision medicine“. Our motto is the excellence in both science and teaching together with friendly approach and openness to students and colleagues and building the enthusiasm for medical and health care professions.


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